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Dr. Kowarz has contributed to some of the leading R&D on MEMS and is a named inventor on over 50 issued US patents to date, including:

Selected Patents on MEMS, Optical Devices & Related Systems
US 7684101, Micro-Electromechanical Microshutter Array (2010)
US 7661862
, LCD Display Backlight Using Elongated Illuminators (2010)
US 7411722, Display System Incorporating Bilinear Electromechanical Grating Device (2008)
US 7408558, Laser-Based Display Having Expanded Image Color (2008)
US 7289209
, Programmable Spectral Imaging System (2007)
US 7274454, Imaging System with Programmable Spectral Switch (2007)
US 7249853, Unpolished Optical Element with Periodic Surface Roughness  (2007)
US 7111943
, Wide Field Display Using a Scanned Linear Light Modulator Array (2006)
US 7061661, Electromechanical Display Panel Incorporating a Porous Movable Film (2006)
US 6844960, Microelectromechanical Device with Continuously Variable Displacement (2005)
US 6663788
, Method for Manufacturing a Mechanical Conformal Grating Device (2003)
US 6611380, System and Method for Calibration of Display system with Linear Array Modulator (2003)
US 6411425, Electromechanical Grating Display System with Spatially Separated Light Beams (2002)
US 6307663, Spatial Light Modulator with Conformal Grating Device (2001)

Selected Publications & Presentations

Grating Electromechanical Systems, Laser Displays, and Related Doodles (2009)
GEMS: A Simple Light Modulator for High-Performance Laser Projection Display (2006)
MEMS Programmable Spectral Imaging System for Remote Sensing (2006)
Line-Scanned Laser Display Architectures Based on GEMS Technology (2006)
High-Resolution Laser-Projection Display System Using a Grating Electromechanical System (2004)
GEMS Grating Electromechanical Systems for High-Speed Digital Light Modulation (2002)

Vector Diffraction from Subwavelength Optical Disk Structures (1999)
Tilt Analysis of Readback Signals from DVD-ROM Media (1998)
Homogeneous and Evanescent Contributions in Scalar Near-Field Diffraction (1995)
Diffraction Effects in the Near Field, Ph.D. Thesis (1995)
Spherical Chirolenses (1990)


MicroAdventure works with engineering & product development teams & MEMS foundries, including partners as:

stc_logo.jpgSmart System Technology & Commercialization Center (STC); Complete MEMS foundry and a long- established MicroAdventure partner

College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering
; World-class nanoscale facilities

Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF); User facility for fabrication of microstructures and nanostructures

ASE Optics, LLC; Optical engineering services

Integre Technologies, LLC; Electronic design services

PLS Launch Solutions; Patent and marketing services for technology companies


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